Raw material handling for
polymer production

New extrusion system for polymer production with raw materials such as Calciumcarbonat and Talkum including the processing of recycled materials.




Daxner developed a system solution for an emerging company specialized in raw material recycling/plastic recycling, which produces contamination-free recycled material out of used plastic waste.


The system includes the storage and feeding of raw materials for the production of plastic transparencies out of recycled material.  


In the first instance plastic granulates are required for the fabrication of these transparencies. Since these granulates are manufactured from different companies and various fractions of the waste disposal industry, they significantly distinguish themselves in terms of shape, size and structure.


Another essential aspect for the production of recycled transparencies is the addition of Calciumcarbonat and Talkum, which is needed for this kind of technology as an aggregate resp. filler.


Daxner installed a system for the storage, conveying and timely transfer to the extruder, which enables the handling of the above indicated ingredients. 


The plant consists of an outdoor storage silo for Calciumcarbonat and an automated extruder feeding system. 


key components

for this solution

Material Intake
Dosiersysteme und Verwiegesysteme
Dosing & Weighing
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